Rincón Mágico

Joaquín Turina complete works on original manuscripts, José Manuel Dapena guitar. Large booklet essay by Marián Álvarez Benito. Schott Music. New Urtext Turina guitar editions.
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Tracks Time Sample Free track
Joaquín Turina
Danzas fantásticas Op 22
1 - Exaltación 4:55 Listen  
2 - Ensueño 6:09 Listen  
3 - Orgía 5:01 Listen
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Danzas gitanas Op 55
4 - Zambra 4:14 Listen
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5 - Danza de la seducción 3:37 Listen  
6 - Danza ritual 3:23 Listen  
7 - Generalife 2:05 Listen  
8 - Sacro-Monte 1:52 Listen  
Cuentos de España Op. 20
9 - nº4, En los jardines de Murcia 3:07 Listen  
Turina complete guitar works on original manuscripts
10 - Sevillana Op. 29 5:36 Listen  
11 - Fandanguillo Op. 36 4:30 Listen  
12 - Ráfaga Op. 53 2:32 Listen  
Sonata Op. 61
13 - Allegro 3:26 Listen  
14 - Andante 4:07 Listen  
15 - Allegro vivo 2:53 Listen  
Homenaje a Tárrega Op. 69
16 - Garrotín 2:08 Listen  
17 - Soleares 2:03 Listen  
Total Time:
Digital Booklet - Rincon Magico - Turina guitar works.pdf   Sample
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8 - Sacro-Monte

Rincón Mágico - Magical corner - is the place where Joaquin Turina worked from 1914 to 1949, giving life to over a hundred compositions.
Rincón Mágico es el lugar donde Joaquín Turina trabajó desde 1914 hasta 1949, dando vida a más de cien composiciones.
Alfredo Morán
Special thanks to José Luis Turina

“A new perspective on repertoire, flawless performance”
Esther Martín, Revista Ritmo. October 2015
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You have to appreciate the new generation of guitarist who take the initiative to manufacture their own albums instead of waiting for a A&R rep to bless their efforts with a recording contract because generally, this rarely happens anyway - unless an artist happens to win a contract through a competition or else land a bulldog manager who can procure a spark from twizzling sticks against flint and from snapping at the heels of various labels while papering their client´s face all over town á la the graffiti artist Banksy.

Spanish guitarist José Manuel Dapena has formed his own label, Air Classical, which issues music via downloadable mp3s.
Dapena´s newest release, Rincón Mágico, features his performance of the Joaquín Turina´s entire body of original manuscripts. Given that the now-defunt Tower Records in New York was never open or accessible 24 hours the way the online web is, the idea of a click-to-pay and download album has it appeal, even it it´s lacking the shiny tactile magpie charm that a physical CD offers. Just think - seriously, where are you going to stuff another CD on your shelf anyway?. A quick google search of this album title and artist shows that the album is available online for download from various number of popular music sites, including iTunes and Amazon.

Dapena, a student of David Russell´s, also studied harmony with Turina´s grandson, José Luis Turina and he actively correspond with Alfredo Morán of the Turina archives, when working on these pieces, which showcase Turina´s contemporary, modernistic interpretation of traditional Spanish music.

Dapena succeeds in fully capturing the character and spirit of these pieces, which include Turina´s Danzas fantásticas Op. 22, three pieces originally written for piano, along with Danzas gitanas Op. 55, inspired by gypsy music of Granada. Also included is a lovely rendition of Cuentos de España Op. 20, Sevillana Op. 29, Fandanguillo Op. 36 Ráfaga Op. 53, Sonata Op. 61 and Homenaje a Tárrega Op. 69.

This music download compilation represents a significant body of work, not just for Dapena´s masterful playing but for the ambitious scholarly effort put into restoring these pieces to their original, non-Segovia form

Julia Crowe, New York - March 2007
Classical Guitar Magazine Vol. 25 N.7

Artist: José Manuel Dapena
Album: Rincón mágico
Description: Turina complete guitar works
Genre: Classical
Release Date: October 1, 2006
Label: Air Classical
Bar code: 5055610778400
ISRC: GBMA21248005
Sku: ACCD001
Depósito legal: C 1737-2012, Biblioteca Nacional de España, bne.es

Recorded at Air Classical Studio “Ventoxo”, in February 2006.
Mastered for iTunes - 24-bit 96kHz - August 2012

Microphones: Neumann TLM 103 - Audio-Technica AT4040
Focusrite Preamplifier
Apple Powerbook - M-Audio Audio Interface
EMES Studio Monitor

Recorded & Mixed by José Manuel Dapena
Photos by Adolfo Enríquez
Strings by D´Addario
Guitar by Gernot Wagner
Essay booklet by Marián Álvarez Benito
Translated by Julia Crowe
All arrangements by José Manuel Dapena


© 2006 Air Classical